Election FAQ

By Diether Llaneza
A: Each method of registration has its own deadline: October 29 for online registration, and October 6 by mail and in-person registration. If you have previously registered for an election in Nevada, an email is sent to you as a notification.
A: November 3 by 7:00 p.m. You can also turn your ballots  in at a polling station on voting day instead of by mail, or at an early polling station during early voting.
A: Mail-in voting is the process where you turn in your vote through the postal service, while early voting can be done through mail or in person.
A: Information on early voting times and locations can be found by clicking the button below!
A: Only first-time voters require an ID at a polling station. Returning voters need only to have the same signature as the one on record.
A: Addresses of polling stations can be found by clicking the button below
A: In most cases, you can file for your home state’s absentee ballot in order to vote. If you applied for residency in Nevada for grants or scholarships, you may be able to vote here but first check with your financial aid office before registering to vote to make sure.
A: You can abstain from voting on certain elections. It is not recommended to cross anything out on your ballot, as it may invalidate your vote by making it a “spoiled ballot”.
A: If a candidate drops out of a race for any reason, from sickness to even death, the former candidate’s political party can install a new candidate even if it’s not reflected on all ballots. A dead person can also win an election and be replaced by their party afterward.
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