By Charis Nixon & Maggie Schmutz
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General hashtags being used in Nevada for this election cycle:

#NVSen - A bipartisan hashtag attached to tweets discussing the Nevada senate race.

#Nevadatude - Also bipartisan, but mostly used by efforts to register voters and also campaign volunteers. 

#RiseNVote - Used in tweets encouraging people to vote.

#NevadaPolitics - A bipartisan hashtag attached to posts about election news. It is especially popular during live tweets of major debates for key Nevada races.

#NVPol - Although this hashtag does not identify a political stance, it’s largely used by left-wing political action groups.

#NVGov - A hashtag used largely by political candidates, as well as personal accounts, discussing the Nevada elections, especially the competitive governor’s race.

#NVSen - A bipartisan hashtag attached to tweets discussing the Nevada senate race.

Partisan hashtags:

#WininWashoe - Mostly used by Dean Heller and Adam Laxalt’s campaigns, especially tweets with pictures of campaign volunteers going door-to-door. They also use #LeadRight. 

#FlipNevadaBlue - Used to support the Democratic party in Nevada.

A very creative Senate race:

#RosenforNV and #ReadyforRosen - Supports Democrat Jacky Rosen for Senate; tweeted by Rosen campaign and personal accounts supporting the candidate.

#SenatorSpineless - Refers to Rosen’s campaign ads against the Republican Senate candidate and incumbent Dean Heller, claiming he is “spineless” for voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act when he said he would not. 

#DeanDelivers, #TeamDean - Both support Dean Heller for Senate.

Governor Candidates Building their Teams:

Republican candidate Adam Laxalt has been using #TeamLaxalt
 Democratic candidate Steve Sisolak has been using #TeamSisolak and also #NewNevada, as the current governor Brian Sandoval is a Republican. He uses #NV a lot but also #NewNevada. 

Yes or No on Ballot Questions?

There are six ballot questions on the ballot in Nevada and typically hashtags use #YesOn or #NoOn variations such #YesOn3 or #NoOn3 which is the most debated of the ballot questions concerning future energy policies. 

Reno’s Non-Debate Mayor Race

Incumbent Hillary Schieve has been using #RenoProud in all social media relating to Reno, not just campaign tweets. She also uses #MayorsForOurLives.

Challenger Eddie Lorton has used #RenoFirst on social media and in campaign banners. He’s also been trying to get name recognition with #EddieLorton and also uses #BringTheDebateToYou or #BeginTheDebate and  #LetsTalk saying Schieve does not want to debate him before the election.  

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