• Catherine Schofield and Faith Evans

Nevadans, Is your mail-in ballot being counted? It’s time to check.

With rumors about voter fraud, and Donald Trump suing key swing states to stop vote counting, people are concerned if their vote is going through. Catherine Schofield and Faith Evans report on why it’s important to check your mail-in ballot status and how to do so.

During Nevada primary elections this summer, 10,799 ballots were unable to be counted; of those, 6,749 could have been fixed had voters completed a signature curing process. Graphic by Faith Evans.

A close call

This election is a close one and in swing states like Nevada, every vote is important. In the mail-in only June primaries, over 16,400 ballots had issues that could have prevented them from being counted. Just over 34% of those ballots were counted during the primaries, but that still left over 10,700 ballots submitted, but uncounted.

For this election cycle, Nevada started using a free ballot tracking feature on Nevada Ballot Trax for voters to be able to see the status of their mail-in ballot.

A flow chart of how to check your mail-in ballot status using Nevada Ballot Trax. Graphic by Catherine Schofield.

An easy fix

There are many reasons for a ballot to be rejected. There are also many ways to “cure” a ballot — or fix the issue so that it may enter the counting pool.

The most common reason for ballot rejection is a difference in the signature on the ballot and the signature in state records. This also has a simple cure that involves sending a scan of your driver’s license emailed to your local registrar’s office. If a problem is identified, voters are being notified through a letter sent to their address on record.

Reporting and graphics by Catherine Schofield and Faith Evans

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