• Gracie Gordon & Diether LLaneza

Trump Supporters Come Out for Donald Trump Jr. in Sparks, Nevada

Two of the supporters waiting for Donald Trump Jr.’s arrival on Wednesday night outside the Peterbilt Parts and Truck Sales office in Sparks, Nevada. Photo by Diether Llaneza.

Diehard Support and Fears of Fraud

Among the few hundred people wearing red to show their support for President Donald Trump running for re-election was Reno local Robert Beadles.

“So I always follow people’s actions, not their words. And all I have to do is just look at Donald Trump’s previous actions, and there’s no way that would sway my vote ever to the (Joe) Biden side because when you look at Biden’s previous actions, not his words, it’s totally against this country,” Beadles said explaining his support.

He also expressed anger at Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, for allowing and expanding the possibilities of mail-in voting during the ongoing pandemic, warning of alleged “fraud” and “corruption.”

Beadles said he hopes to see Reno and the United States come together through the election, despite the many divisions seen on social media and at 2020 protests. He also repeated assertions made by President Trump himself that Republican rallies have much more enthusiasm.

“You see all these people just here to see his kid [Donald Trump Jr.],” Beadles said. “If you look at a Biden rally, they’ve got basically his campaign staff there and a bunch of Trumpeters out front, you know talking crap to them so you can see that there’s not really that support.”

“The main problem our country has is it’s still very divided, but it’s not nearly as divided as people think when you look around here,” Beadles a Trump supporter said motioning to a sea of red Make America Great Again hats and mostly maskless supporters.

Speeches Against California and Biden

The Peterbilt site owner John Phillips kicked off proceedings, Pastor Maurice Washington, a former state senator, led the crowd in prayer and State Republican Chairman Michael McDonald called on voters to turn Washoe County red, back into the Republican column.

In 2016, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton edged Donald Trump 46.4 % to 45.2% en route to winning the state’s six electoral votes by a close margin. She won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college, being edged out in other key swing states.

During his speech, Trump Jr. said the situation was much better in northern Nevada than in California. He also said former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden spent decades in Washington, D.C., and “if he could have fixed anything, he would have done it by now.”

Nevada health authorities voiced concerns over the large gathering, saying it was in violation of current COVID-19 protocols.

Reporting by Gracie Gordon with Photography by Diether Llaneza shared with the Reynolds Sandbox

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