Reno City Council 

By Kaitlyn Olvera and Julie Johnson

Reno Mayor's Race

Hillary Schieve

Age: 47
Reno, Nevada
Arizona State University
Incumbent, Non-Partisan
Incumbent mayor, was named one of the 11 most interesting mayors in America by Politico, owned and operated three local Reno businesses, elected to the At-Large Reno City Council position in 2012. In 2017, selected as Chair of the United States Conference of Mayors, a two-time recipient of the Nevada Women’s Fund, one of the four founding members of the Midtown District, elected as Mayor of Reno Nov. 4th 2014. Now Up for re-election.
Increasing Reno’s police force on city streets. Continuing to eradicate run down and uninhabitable buildings in downtown Reno Expanding Reno’s fire stations. Reducing Reno’s deficit by $200 million. Assisting in more services for the homeless population in Reno

Eddie Lorton

Age: 51
Reno, Nevada
Reed High School
Life long Reno resident, owned a carpet business for 30 years and various other businesses, also worked in real estate, auctions, and day trading. Served on various boards including the Alcohol Advisory Committee for the City of Reno and the Galena Country Estates Homeowners Association. Lorton previously ran for mayor in 2014.  His lawsuit at the time prevented former councilwoman Jessica Sferrazza and others to run for mayor and city council seats over term limits. 
Paying Off Reno’s Debt by 2022. Fixing Reno’s homeless shelter and relocating it. Lowering the costs of homes and rent in Reno

Reno City Council: What offices are up for election?

The offices up for the 2018 midterm elections include Ward 2 council member, Ward 4 council member and City Attorney. All elected positions are four-year terms.
Naomi Duerr is the current office holder for Reno City Council Ward 2, and will face Joe Lawrence in the midterm.

Paul McKenzie is the current officer holder for Reno City Council Ward 4, and will face Bonnie Weber in the midterm.

Karl Hall is the current City Attorney and is running for a second term against former Reno City Attorney John Kadlic.
Reporting by Kaitlyn Olvera and Julie Johnson
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