Reno City Council Elections

By Gracie Gordon

Ward 1

Jenny Brekhus has held the Ward 1 seat since 2012.  She says that COVID-19 is the most prominent problem Reno is facing right now. Her main focuses include addressing infrastructure shortfalls and housing affordability.
John “JD” Drakulich grew up in Reno and is a fourth-generation Nevadan. The main issue Drakulich wants to tackle is the homelessness crisis facing Reno. Drakulich intends to create more substantial shelter services for those in need and provide more mental health services for substance abuse.

Ward 3

Oscar Delgado has held the Ward 3 seat since 2012. Delgado has lived in the Reno-Sparks area since he was four years old. Delgado says he wants to find new and creative ways to help non-profits, education leaders, local businesses and help motivate and celebrate Reno’s youth.
Previously a librarian and community leader, Leon is passionate about solving inequalities within education. Leon’s primary goal is establishing housing that is more affordable and more accessible as prices skyrocket in the region.

Ward 5

Neoma Jardon has held the Ward 5 seat since 2012. Jardon is a “native Nevadan” and attended Truckee Meadows Community College and the University of Nevada, Reno.  Jardon is a supporter of redeveloping Reno and increasing the effort to gain more investors for the city. Jardon also wants to prioritize public health and safety through more funding.
Darla Fink, a University of Nevada, Reno, graduate with a Master’s degree in Public Administration, is an advocate for the environment. Fink wants to raise quality of life standards in neighborhoods and adequately fund public services such as first responders and firefighters.

Reno At-Large Seat

Devon Reese has held the Reno At-Large seat since 2019 when he was selected by the City Council to fill a vacancy. Reese is the youngest of eight children and grew up in Carson City and Reno, Nevada. As a civil litigation lawyer, Reese is passionate about working families. Reese’s primary focus is on improving public safety, supporting first responders, and improving housing affordability while managing the city’s growth.
George “Eddie” Lorton moved to Reno when he was six months old. Lorton started E.T. Carpet Cleaning 36 years ago and is extremely passionate about defending small businesses. Lorton wants to use his businessman experience to reduce Reno’s debt. Lorton also wants to find the cheapest form of development for local infrastructure in hopes of lowering the costs of homes and rent.
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