Does the Homeless Population Vote? A Photo Series

October 23, 2018

Quite a few members of the homeless population are registered to vote. As reporter Michael S. Graham found out, some intend to vote in the midterm elections, but others will not.



Some of the homeless which were approached for comment preferred not to indicate their voting intentions. Photos and interviews by Michael S. Graham.







“No, I’m not going to vote in the city election. I don’t trust anybody,” this man at the main homeless shelter in downtown Reno said.





 “I am going to vote in the elections. I haven’t followed the issues, but I am concerned about health care,” said Lynn Liebeck, who came to Reno about three years ago from Swan Island, Oregon.









 “I’ve never voted in my life...” this man said.



Photos and Interviews by Michael S. Graham shared with the Reynolds Sandbox
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