Reno’s Mayoral Contest Between Schieve and Lorton: Not a Concern for Students?

With a lot of attention focused on the Senate and Gubernatorial races in Nevada, reporters Kaitlyn Olvera and Julie Johnson wanted to highlight how students are perceiving the Reno Mayoral Race between incumbent Hillary Schieve and Eddie Lorton.



Reno business owner Eddie Lorton is challenging current incumbent Hillary Schieve for Reno Mayor in the 2018 midterm election.


Many students at the University of Nevada have little to no knowledge about the mayor’s race, and instead are focusing on the larger state races, such as the senate and gubernatorial races. While some students aren’t doing their research on Hillary Schieve or Eddie Lorton, many said they still feel that Reno’s mayor is an important position.


Mackenzie Barrett, a 21-year-old senior majoring in journalism and international affairs.


“The mayor’s position is important, and probably a race people should pay more attention to. The mayor is more hands on, because that is who we see more directly in the public eye is the mayor at our community base levels.”

 Jillian Spiegel, a 21-year-old senior majoring in journalism.


“I just think they can become very dirty, and it doesn’t need to be that way. I think that being a mayor for a town is very important, but it doesn’t need to become the big spectacle that it has in the past.”

 Daniel Lang, a 21-year-old senior majoring in journalism.


“I didn’t keep up with the mayor’s race this election season. I spent most of my time researching the ballot questions. I think a mayor is an important public figure, but I don’t know how much of an impact the position has.”

 Amber Seifert, a 21-year-old senior majoring in journalism.


“The mayor is a local official who makes a lot of important government decisions that start at the local level. It is important to vote for candidates that are making change happen closer to you.”

 Anthony Martinez, a 20-year-old junior dual majoring in political science and international affairs.


“In regards to the Reno community, I think we need more information about the expansion of all of these companies coming into Reno like Tesla, Google and Apple. I think we should have more information on what the Reno community should expect, and also the housing market. I think we need more transparency in those areas from the mayor.”

Students Support Schieve Success

From those we spoke to, many feel that Hillary Schieve has proven to be a great mayor for Reno. So, they said, they’re hoping she’ll do the same for another four years. However, there was a common misconception among students that Mayor Schieve is a Democrat. She is actually a registered Independent. Eddie Lorton is also a registered Independent. While candidates may sway more liberal or conservative on some issues, mayor elections in Reno are non-partisan.

 Jacquelyn Nader, a 21-year-old senior dual majoring in political science and international affairs.


“I have met Hillary Schieve on multiple occasions. I think what she’s doing for the community is great. She is really active in engagement, locally, with local businesses.

Last year, I actually had a convention style meeting with her with the university about getting more women leadership. I think that is very important nowadays just because I don’t think we have enough women running for elections.”


 Andrew Mendez, a 18-year-old freshman, dual majoring in journalism and Spanish.


“As of what I’ve read and seen done in prior years, I favor Hillary Schieve because she is taking a huge interest in homeless people’s rights. It not only affects Reno, but it affects the national community.”


 Carla Suggs, a 21-year-old senior majoring in journalism.


“I think in comparison to Eddie Lorton, Schieve is the better choice, but I do think she favors some issues and neglects others in our city. She is responsible for a lot of the construction within the city and it affects the people who live here; the homeless and people trying to get around. I think she should try to maintain the city the way it is, instead of trying to change everything all the time.”

 Irvin Hernandez, a University of Nevada student.


“The Reno Election ads got me thinking; I’m not sure if they are biased or true. I need to look into it more. Eddie Lorton had pretty good points, I felt stronger about Schieve because of her experience. I think she could do better for the city.”


According to Silver State Election, Mayor Schieve won nearly 63% of the votes during the 2018 primaries. Eddie Lorton won 18.24% of the vote. It appears the student vote is leaning towards the incumbent mayor remaining in office for another four years.


Reporting by Kaitlyn Olvera and Julie Johnson for the Reynolds Sandbox

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