Limos take Students to the Voting Booth

As Charis Nixon and Maggie Schmutz report, students at the University of Nevada, Reno, had no booth to vote on campus, but they did have limos on standby to take them to the nearest voting area.

 Journalist and voter Charis Nixon proudly displays an I Voted sticker. Photo by Maggie Schmutz.


Surprise on Voting Day


This morning, several of my classmates and I were surprised to hear that voting at the Joe was not available on Election Day. Like many other students, we had expected the Joe, which had been a voting area for early voting, to stay up.


However, when Maggie and I got to the Fish Bowl on the second floor of the Joe, where the voting booths had been for the past two weeks, it was empty and quiet. The “No Electioneering” signs were gone, the blue curtains blocking off the area had disappeared, and there were no lines of eager students waiting to cast their vote.


We walked downstairs to the front desk to ask an employee what happened — where were all the voting booths?


Joe employee Pa’shun Minter explained that although there was no more voting at the Joe, there was a free limo service from the Joe to the nearest polling location at Rancho San Rafael Park in the Wilbur D. May Museum from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. According to the flyers posted in the Joe, this service was paid for by the Nevada Democratic Party. We decided to check it out and take a ride to the polls.


Check out the journey Charis took on voting day both as a journalist and a concerned citizen on Instagram @ReynoldsSandbox


Red Carpet Voting


The pickup area, located outside of Lawlor across from the Joe, is marked by a miniature red carpet. When the limo picked us up, the driver opened the door for us and some other students who were on their way to vote.


I asked the students who joined us, Kevin Clifton and Cole Peck, how they heard about the limo service. Like me, they had also been confused by the sudden disappearance of the voting booths at the Joe. However, a Joe employee let them know about the limos as well.


Once we got to the polls, it took Clifton and Peck about fifteen minutes to cast their votes. (I had actually already voted during early voting.) Then, we all hopped in the limo and cruised back to campus. Although it was scary for the voting booths at the Joe to disappear, it was hard to complain with a free limousine ride as the alternative.


Reporting by Charis Nixon with Photos and Videos by Maggie Schmutz for the Reynolds Sandbox
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