How to Volunteer as a Poll Worker

By Austin Daly


Make sure you are a registered voter in the State of Nevada and are willing to work up to 14 hours on election day or even more if needed.


Fill out the Election Worker Application on the Washoe County Registrar of Voters website. 


Await an email response from the Registrar of Voters office to create an email and password for their Election Worker Information Portal.


Sign up for one of these three roles: Intake Specialist, Assistant Manager, and Manager. The Manager runs the voting location, and is responsible for gathering the equipment as well as setting up and closing down the polling site with the help of the Assistant Manager. The Intake Specialist walks the voter through the election process as well as determines if the person is eligible to vote.


Sign up for the online training exercises that match your assigned election worker role.


Contact the other volunteers at your voting location a couple of days before early voting/election day to plan for setup and to make sure all voting materials have been gathered. 


Arrive at the arranged time and setup for when the poll location opens.
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